Revention – ‘USED CAR SALESMEN!’

Tried Revention software – All about the sale with these guys…if I had to bet I would say they are getting ready to put the company up for sale and they are trying to pump up the top line…customer service is not a phrase that is comprehended in this company. Almost zero communication with them in the weeks prior to install, menu not even 50% programmed on the day they were supposed to start installation…had to spend the first day and half (which I paid $800/day for training) finishing that, then couldn’t install the following day because they neglected to send the key code software, then knocked out my phones and internet while installing the next night so I had no phones, nobody could call us and we could not call out for the entire day! Lost a ton of reservations and had many messages asking if we were CLOSED DOWN!!!….never acknowledged their mistakes, blamed everything on me, never offered an apology. Their “director” of Customer Service called and gave me a bunch of lip service, said she would send me an email summarizing our conversation and asking for my suggestions on how best to resolve the issue – never heard back from her or anyone else at this company…and the topper of it all – THEY SENT ME AN INVOICE FOR ALMOST $1000 to pay for the travel expenses for the installer….ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME?????!!!!!!

Mark Maguire
Maguire’s Restaurant