• June 26, 2017

    Tried Revention software - All about the sale with these guys...if I had to bet I would say they are getting ready to put the company up for sale and they are trying to pump up the top line...customer service is not a phrase that is comprehended in this company. Almost zero communication with them in the weeks prior to install, menu not even 50% programmed on the day they were supposed to start installation...had to spend the first day and half (which I paid $800/day for training) finishing that, then couldn't install the following day because they neglected to send the key code software, then knocked out my phones and internet while installing the next night so I had no phones, nobody could call us and we could not call out for the entire day! Lost a ton of reservations and had many messages asking if we were CLOSED DOWN!!!....never acknowledged their mistakes, blamed everything on me, never offered an apology. Their "director" of Customer Service called and gave me a bunch of lip service, said she would send me an email summarizing our conversation and asking for my suggestions on how best to resolve the issue - never heard back from her or anyone else at this company...and the topper of it all - THEY SENT ME AN INVOICE FOR ALMOST $1000 to pay for the travel expenses for the installer....ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME?????!!!!!!

    Mark Maguire
    Maguire's Restaurant

    Revention – ‘USED CAR SALESMEN!’
  • June 26, 2017

    Revention is the worst POS I have ever used. Crashes almost daily, major glitches multiple times a day. You WILL be on the phone with their customer support at least once a week, if you can even get a hold of them, that is. When you do need to call them you'll be on hold for a minimum of fifteen minutes. Don't even think about using their "request a call back" option because you will NEVER get a call back. Ever. They have four one-star reviews for a reason. Absolutely garbage product. Andrew Moore

    General Manager
    Jet's Pizza

    Fun Fact: POS does NOT stand for “Point of Sale”
  • July 21, 2014

    I could not be any happier with the experience with the POS system from Factory Service.  I have worked with Tom and he has been very patient with me as the owner of Game Time.  If I had any questions or problems with not understanding how the menu and item buttons are used to  create the menu or how to add prices he would fix any problem and take the time to help me understand how to fix the problem on my side in the future.  I made a big change to my menu 4 days before the restaurant opened and Tom, like a rock star, came through and made all the changes in time.    

    Nate Chapin, Game Time
  • May 15, 2014

    Tom, Good morning, just wanted to send you a quick note now that we’ve been up and running for a few weeks and let you know how pleased I am with the POS system that we bought from you. This is my first experience buying or running a Point of Sale System as I’ve been Selling Process Equipment for 20 years and this is our first Restaurant that we’ve opened.  My partner and I have worked in restaurants, run restaurants and he’s used POS but had never bought one. We looked at many systems, especially ones that work well in Pizza shops, but almost all of them wanted to come out and train for a week and that expense alone was quite a bit of money.  We were very impressed at how easy this was to do over the phone and how easy it is to change items buttons etc., all with your help of course.  But now we are confident enough to change the items we need and if we forget you are pleasure to help us out and it’s usually quick and very little stress. Again, thanks for all your help.  The System is easy to use, we get all the reports we need, we have great response time from you and we are able to make almost all our changes on our own. The price by far was extremely competitive and the need to not spend the start up cost put me over the edge in going with you.  If you would like for me to be a reference have any one call or email me. Regards,  

    William Bristol, Providence Pizza
  • January 14, 2014

    After investigating several options none compared to Factory Service Co. Their fantastic customer service, great pricing and exceptional knowledge allowed us to find an economical yet fully functional solution for new concept. They were able to provide hardware, software and integration with online purchasing resources as well secure cc processing channels. We would personally like to thank Tom at Factory Service Co.  who, with exceptional software knowledge was able to easily program our extensive menus and seemlessly link them to our online ordering portal. I would recommend Factory Service Co and look forward to working with them in the future. Sincerely,

    Jordan Dori, President, Lunch Wired