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Point of Success is known for its low price and ample feature list. Not only is the software inexpensive, but other aspects of doing business with us are also very attractive:

  • Work with a local independent dealer or directly with the company
  • Select your own hardware — From inexpensive computers and accessories to the latest and greatest all-in-one touch screen terminals
  • There is no requirement to buy support or maintenance plans — Choose the level of service that fits your needs
  • Maintenance updates are provided at no charge for all customers, with major feature upgrades priced very affordably
  • Technology to help your business grow and prosper has never been easier or more affordable!


Pizza restaurants all over the U.S., Canada and many other countries have chosen Point of Success to run their business! Point of Success is an advanced restaurant point of sale system that also offers these dedicated pizzeria features:

Simplifies Pizza Ordering

Design and order a pizza all on one screen. Combine specialty pizzas with customer-selected toppings, set or change the size of the pizza on the fly, control every ingredient and preparation detail, and much more.
Supports Complex Pricing

Charge for a whole pizza by the most expensive half, combine the price of each item on a pizza into one price or list them separately, specify or calculate partial-portion topping charges, and charge more for an item from your delivery menu.

Handles Residential, Business and Hotel Customers

Customer database records include all the necessary information like contact information for business customers and hotel guests.
Creates a Customer Database

Track customer details including name and address, email, multiple phone numbers, order history and more. Use your customer database for advertising and reactivating lost or lazy customers.

Speed Telephone Order Entry with Caller ID

Caller names and telephone numbers are captured and used to connect a caller to a customer in your database or create a new customer record.
Supports a Delivery Address Database

Specify street names and address number ranges you serve. Makes entering customer addresses more accurate, chooses the delivery zone automatically, allows variable delivery charges by location, and lets you specify areas where you will not deliver.

Controls Discounts and Special Offers

Pizzerias offer more creative coupons and promotions than any other type of restaurant! Point of Success supports a wide variety of discounts including percentage off, amount off, timed discounts, manager-only discounts, buy one get one or more at a free or discounted price, combination discounts and many more.
Manages Deliveries

Queues up orders for delivery based on the time estimate given to a customer. Flags late deliveries and handles delivery driver log in and out
Finds Addresses and Prints Maps and Driving Directions

Point of Success works with Microsoft Streets & Trips software for routing, turn-by-turn directions and map printing.

Better Ordering Online for Your Pizza POS System

You can be ready to take an order any time of the day or night with online ordering. No matter when your customer is ready, you’re ready to accept delivery orders, office lunch orders and catering sales.
Your Menu and Your Business Rules

Tailor your online ordering menu to fit how your customers order
Accept orders for take-out, delivery or dining room
Offer discounts discounts, specials and other business-building offers
Accept payment online
Receive the customer’s order and control the production details for preparation hours or days later

Your Pizza POS System Should Help Improve Sales!

Information to help build better promotions, encourage customers to order, and run sales contests in your restaurant and more is available in Point of Success.

Sales and marketing reports give you the information you need to help your POS investment really pay off!


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Did You Know?

Point of Success can cost less than half the price of other leading restaurant POS systems! Replacing existing POS software with Point of Success can cost less than the annual maintenance and support fee of other systems.

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