Customer Database

Customer Database in Pizzeria POS Software

One of the most valuable assets in any pizza restaurant is its customer database. Pizzeria POS software that stores a customer database can help in many ways. In Point of Success Premium you can:

  • Enter a customer once then select the customer for future orders.
  • No reentry of customer address is required.
  • Customer information, telephone number and delivery instructions appear on every customer order.
  • Use the customer database to send special offers by email or postal mail.
  • Track customer order frequency and send offers to customers who have not ordered as frequently as they have in the past.
  • Celebrate customer birthdays with the included birthday club feature


Find Customers in the Database

Each customer in Point of Success Premium can be assigned several telephone numbers. Search for a customer by entering their telephone number, name or address.


Multiple Telephone Numbers

No matter whether a customer gives you their mobile number, their home number or any other telephone number, our pizza restaurant software remembers the telephone.







Customer Information on Orders

Selecting a customer from the database attaches all of a customer’s information to the order without the need to enter the information again.

















Delivery Driver Details

Delivery drivers have the information needed to quickly find a customer. Information includes delivery zone, cross streets and driver instructions.

Customer Database Marketing

Point of Success Premium includes reports for restaurant marketing:

  • Lost and Lazy Customers mailing labels
  • Customer Birthday List and mailing labels
  • New Customer mailing labels
  • Best business and residential customer lists

And many more!