Fingerprint Login

Biometric Restaurant Point of Sale Security – Fingerprint Login

Log in with just a fingerprint in both Point of Success Standard and Point of Success Premium!

Fingerprint login is faster than entering a PIN number or swiping a magnetic card. Not only is fingerprint login faster, it dramatically improves security:

  • Eliminate buddy punching on the time clock
  • Eliminate PIN number sharing, guessing, and shoulder surfing
  • Eliminate manager PIN number sharing


Everywhere you would use a PIN code in Point of Success, you can scan a fingerprint for access:

  • Log in to the Order Entry program
  • Log in to the Office Manager program
  • Clock in or clock out in the Employee Timekeeping program
  • Enter a manager override authorization


Software for fingerprint login is included in both Point of Success Standard and Point of Success Premium version 2.2 and above. Just purchase a fingerprint sensor for each workstation on your network and you’ve done everything necessary to improve efficiency and security!






Use of fingerprint login requires the purchase of a Point of Success fingerprint sensor for each workstation. The fingerprint sensor connects to the computer through a USB port.