Bump Bar – Programmable Keypad

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KB1700 Programmable Keypad (17-Key, Wedge Interface, PS-2 Cables and Legend Sheet A – IBM) The KB1700 Programmable Keypad is constructed using PC boards with gold plated lands and stainless steel tactile dome disks instead of conventional plastic sheet membranes and conductive ink traces. A durable spill-proof input device for varied programmable tasks or choices the KB1700 has 17 programmable membrane keys ideally suited for applications requiring a very small footprint. This Keypad offers the same reliability and intelligence as our mechanical keyboards and can be used for information or I-O input in retail or industrial settings kiosk look up devices or as a kitchen bump bar.

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17 Key Programmable Keypad

  • Fully downward compatible with the IBM Bump Bar
  • All 17 keys are programmable, up to 119 characters per key
  • Keyboard I/O ports allow daisy-chaining of input devices
  • Programmable inter-string delay
  • Stainless steel dome disk switches
  • Standard computer 101 keyboard output data format
  • Output data set includes all alphanumeric, controls, and function codes
  • Optional international output codes (Alt-Number)
  • True keyboard wedge function, operates with or without computer keyboard
  • Internal beeper
  • No programming accessory kit, TSR program, or battery required



Weight 1.85 lbs